Through our product research and development programs, we’ve produced a game-changing range of 27 Ecotek fabrics, all made from ethically sourced, recycled plastic bottles.

We're proud to offer Ecotek as an option across our grassroots, pro team, school, and corporate apparel. This means you can make the sustainable choice while still wearing apparel of the highest quality, as worn by our pro team partners

Through Dynasty Sport’s pro team and grassroots programs, we are on track to repurpose in excess of 12,000,000 plastic bottles in 2024.

Along with the use of recycled bottles, the production of our Ecotek fabrics also have some great environmental benefits. In comparison to normal fabric the production of our Ecotek fabrics use; 62% less energy, 99% less water, 35% less waste created and upwards of 20% less CO2 emitted. 

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What items are made from Ecotek fabric?

Currently we make jerseys, dresses, singlets, training shirts, t-shirts, socks, shorts, pants, hoodies, jumpers and jackets using Ecotek fabric. We are working hard on being able to make hats and bags from Ecotek fabric. 

What sports are suitable for apparel made from Ecotek fabric?

Apparel made from Ecotek fabric is suitable for all sports. This includes rugby, rugby league, netball, cricket, football, volleyball basketball, touch, tag, rowing, lawn bowls, golf, tennis, AFL and many more. It’s also great for school P.E. or sport uniforms, school leavers clothing and custom corporate wear.

Does the process of recycling the bottles use more water and energy?

When comparing the manufacturing of conventional polyester to Ecotek mechanically recycled polyester, the results include a reduction of approximately 62% less energy and 99% less water used in the production process. There is also up to 35% less waste created and upwards of 20% less CO2 emitted into the atmosphere.

Do your garments feel any different to wear being made from plastic bottles?

No our garments won't feel any different to wear. In most cases our Ecotek recycled fabric will be a similar weight and thickness to a traditional garment. 

Does the fabric breath the same?

Yes, it does, in-fact testing has shown our new Ecotek fabrics actually breath better due to the anti-microbial treatments the fabrics undergo during production.

What does anti-microbial mean?

Anti-microbial fabrics provide a layer of protection against bacteria, mildew, mould, and other hazardous nasties. In combination, our treated yarns assist in stopping these microbes from developing, while simultaneously promoting moisture movement, maximising comfort and actually extending the life of the garment. 

How many bottles go into each garment?

Dynasty Sport Ecotek garments typically contain between 20 to 46 recycled plastic bottles per garment. This is an average number based on size variants.  

Are the colours of an Ecotek garment the same as other Dynasty Sport products?

Absolutely! Dynasty Sports vibrant range of colours are available without change. Our ready to cut rolls of fabric arrive in the same way they always have, while the sublimation process is unchanged, meaning your designs and colour choice is unlimited.

How can you tell if my Dynasty Sport product is made from recycled bottles?

All Ecotek garments are produced with a unique Ecotek swing tag attached to the garment when delivered. It’s important we celebrate the benefits of Ecotek and there are plans to include Ecotek branding into the neck labels and pips on future garments.

Do Ecotek Polycotton leavers jerseys shrink more?

Nope, shrinkage isn’t a problem for our new Ecotek range, the fabric has been wash tested and comfortably meet the thresholds of our existing polycotton program. 

What are Microplastics?

When washed clothes made out of synthetic materials lose tiny plastic fibers that end up in wastewater. Microplastics are fragments of any type of plastic less than 5 mm in length. 

How can I reduce Microplastics?

Line dry your clothes where possible, chose cooler and shorter cycle settings on your washing maching and consider installing a filter on your washing machine or using a laundry bag or laundry ball.

How do I best care for my Ecotek garment?

The care for each Ecotek garment can vary depending on the type of fabric, You are best to consult the care label on the inside of your specific garment. 

How many Ecotek fabrics are there?

There are currently 27 fabrics across our Ecotek range each produced from recycled plastic bottles. This number will continue to grow as we expand or garment offerings across our retail, and team wear programs. 

How many bottles will be repurposed?

It is estimated that in the 2023 calendar year Dynasty Sport will repurpose in excess of 12-million single use plastic bottles.

Are the garment trims also made from recycled source?

Currently it is a mixture, however we are constantly moving more and more products across to recycled products.

How does SPF50 fabric work?

Dynasty Sport's SPF50 fabrics work in the same way that sunblock does when you apply it to your skin. Our SPF50 fabric blocks 98% of sun harmful rays from reaching your skin.