Sea Eagles Launch 2021 Indigenous Jersey

Sea Eagles Launch 2021 Indigenous Jersey

Manly Warringah Sea Eagles have today launched their 2021 NRL Indigenous Round jersey to be worn against the Newcastle Knights in Newcastle on Sunday 30 May (Round 12).

The jersey has been designed by respected Indigenous Artist, Lee Hampton, of Koori Kicks Art, and features Sea Eagles Senior Partner Poche Indigenous Health Network branding across the main front.

Hampton has previously designed the Sea Eagles’ Indigenous jerseys in 2019 and 2020 and this new design is sure to prove as popular with Members and supporters.

Sea Eagles Launch 2021 Indigenous Jersey | Dynasty Sport


The design tells the story of the earliest contacts between Aboriginal people, the Eora (this is the local word meaning 'people') and the British people who arrived on the First Fleet in 1788 in Manly Cove.

Key points of the jersey artwork include: 

  • The white section running along the base of the artwork represents "Middens". This represents a build-up of oyster and cockle shells, as well as animal bones and charcoal. Some middens also contain artefacts and tools made from stone, bone or shell. These were commonly found around the coastline of the Manly area.

  • Sunrise with warriors: Upon sailing into Manly Cove, Captain Phillip makes contact with the local native population, Phillip was impressed by the "confidence and manly behaviour" of the Aboriginal people in the area and called the place "Manly Cove". Trade with local Aboriginal population soured and Captain Phillip was speared by the local Gayamaygal people. This section of the artwork represents the strength and presence of the local Indigenous warriors.

  • Black Lines leading into the sunrise: These sections represent the various trails that the clans coming into Manly Cove would travel to trade with Captain Phillip, they also represent the tracks in which the Gayamaygal people would use to reach the shorelines to hunt and fish. The Gayamaygal were very skilled fishers. 

  • Large circles on the edges of the artwork represent the Gayamaygal people, and where they live.  

  • Sea Eagle rising from the earth: The Sea Eagle represents strength, and like the Gayamaygal people, they are confident hunters and precise with catching their prey. They are known for being at one with nature, and knowing how to ride the currents. Sea Eagles can represent transformation, new beginnings. This is significant to the Manly Sea Eagles as they continue to transform, and with each season comes change and new beginnings, as new players pull on the Manly jersey. Manly has always been known as a Club that is built on strength and discipline, something that must be obtained by a Sea Eagle, should they be a successful hunter. 

Sea Eagles 2021 NRL Indigenous Round Jersey by Dynasty Sport

Sea Eagles Major Partner United Resource Management (URM) again moves to the lower back of the Indigenous jersey, allowing Senior Partner Poche Indigenous Health Network to be featured across the main front position. 

Click here to learn more about Poche Indigenous Health Network.